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A Very Nice Software Requirements Blog – Please Pay Them a Visit

As someone who is part of the family of requirements professionals, it is always exciting to find a new source of writings on the subject that is near and dear to our heart. I recently discovered the Blueprint Software blog that can be found here.

It is clear from reading the posts on their site that they care passionately about the subject matter. The articles are well written, informative and useful to both practitioners of our craft and consumers of our “dog food” 🙂. If you are into macabre humor, check out the post on the resetting “smart bomb”. So long as you are not at business end of one of these contraptions, it is really funny and drives home the point (literally) of good, clean, and above all, complete software requirements!

Last but not the least, if you have never seen the classic Dilbert cartoon on software requirements, they have a copy there. That alone is worth the price of admission, in this case your time and interest. Here is wishing them luck and hope they keep churning out great posts. At the end of the day, we are all better off with more great content. Enjoy.

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