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An Exciting Week for Seilevel Business Analyst Training!

It was a full house for Seilevel Business Analyst Training last week, and it was so great to meet people from Frontier, USAA, Lincoln Financial Group, and First Command!

Going into last week’s training courses, we made changes to the Requirements Visualization course (see this recent post for details) to align the course to our new book on requirements models. We also refreshed the Requirements 101 and the Elicitation & Facilitation Training courses. Based on post-training feedback, I think the changes worked well and the students have gone back to their teams with new (and immediately useful) actionable approaches.

We had many interesting discussions on all 3 days. One topic that spurred in depth conversations was whether Process Flows should only show people steps, or can mix in system steps. Some of the attendees are used to mixing the steps, but we propose you don’t do that because it’s harder to know you got all of the steps and it’s harder to read the diagram if you mix types of steps.

As with any great BA class, we made great use of sticky notes! Here is one of our students practicing his elicitation skills in front of the class.

Ready to improve your BA skills, and get 8 hours per class of IIBA PDUs and PMI CEUs? It’s not too late to register for our requirements training in Los Angeles or Toronto (October 15, 16, 17) or in San Francisco or Madison WI (October 22, 23, 24). And for our neighbors in Texas, training in Dallas will be November 5, 6, and 7; training in Houston will be November 12, 13, and 14. I hope we’ll see you there, or in other Seilevel Business Analyst classes, soon!


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