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Author Anthony Chen

Seilevel And Blue Fish Join Forces

For 18 years Seilevel has been helping Fortune 1000 companies figure out what to build and Blue Fish has been helping those same customers build it.   The History Seilevel is a business analysis and product management company I founded in 2000.  I joined forces with Joy Beatty, and along …

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What 5 measures can you use as personal objectives?

What 5 measures can you use as personal objectives? On the modern analyst forum, Andrea asked the question “I have been asked to come up with 5 personal “Management Business Objectives” for myself in my position as Business Systems Analyst. I need to have them by the end of January …

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Minimal Viable Product

Minimum viable product: Today I had a coworker come into my office to talk about entrepreneurship and an idea he had for starting a company. His idea was an interesting one related to helping people find the perfect product for them based on products that they already owned (I’m being …

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How to grow your career as a business analyst

The reality is the term business analyst has junior level connotations in the software industry. The IIBA is working very hard to change this by expanding the scope of business analyst duties but it is an uphill battle. In the marketing world sometimes a term becomes tainted and it is …

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RML Model: Business Data Instance Diagram

As many of you who are familiar with RML know, the models are organized into 3 categories: people, systems and data. People models are models that relate to who is using the system and how they need to use the system to perform their jobs. The top level model is the organizational …

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