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Author Amanda Coyle

UAT: User Acceptance Troubleshooting

I recently completed running my first UAT. Oh my word… I had no idea! Maybe my UAT was the exception to the rule and these things normally execute flawlessly… I mean, we wrote the business requirements, based on the business team’s needs, we wrote the functional requirements based on the …

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The Work/Life Balance

Back in the day when I was an intern, I worked for a large corporation that promoted this idea of a “Work/Life Balance.” Most of my fellow interns thought it was just a catchy buzz-phrase or a sales pitch, but I have always embraced the idea. As the child of …

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Welcome to The Situation Room

The Seilevel World Headquarters in Austin has workstations scattered throughout about 10 different offices (rooms, not separate locations) and about 7 conference rooms with marker boards, large tables, conference phones, and projectors. We are a consulting firm; so we aren’t all always in our office. Those of us who travel …

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Leveraging Visual Models in an Agile World

Every discussion or training we have held at work lately keeps circling around to the same topic: Agile.  Aside from the debates over whether Agile methodology is better than Waterfall overall or in which situations one is superior to the other, analysts who have worked predominantly in a Waterfall world …

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