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Author Adam Guerra

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

There are several ways that we document our requirements, and one of them is by using Microsoft Word to create a document complete with requirements, explanations, approvers, pictures of our models, and other important information. Since there are usually many people making changes to the document, we often use Track …

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Adjusting To New Information

What does it mean for an organization to be agile? I don’t mean just in terms of agile software development, I mean for any team or company or group of people working toward any common goal. I tend to think about it in terms of ships: imagine that you are …

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Games and Business Objectives

A few months ago, one of my co-workers introduced a group of us here at Seilevel to a game called Cookie Clicker. The way the game works is that you can “bake” cookies by clicking on a giant picture of a cookie on the screen, just like the title says. …

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Managing Complexity

“Complexity” is characterized by lots of different interconnected parts, physical or otherwise. The human body is complex; a single-celled organism is not (well, not as complex, anyway). The problem with complexity is that in any system, each component is potentially affected by each other component. That means adding any single …

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Unspoken Assumptions

Fundamentally, assumptions are facts that we tentatively decide to accept as true so we can continue to make progress, even though we know those assumptions might end up being wrong. Assume standard temperature and pressure, or assume a frictionless plane, or assume a spherical cow. Rather than measuring exact temperatures …

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Requirements Tools: Excel (1 of Many)

Last time, I went over a Sharepoint feature that’s saved me a lot of time and effort. At Seilevel,, as much as we use Sharepoint, we use Excel even more. Not as much for calculations, but for storing and sorting requirements and associated data, such as features. When we do …

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Requirements Tools: Sharepoint

Like many companies, Seilevel uses Microsoft Sharepoint to store and share our documents. We use Sharepoint as our “one source of truth” to make sure that we’re all working off the most recent versions of documents, to avoid having to reconcile changes later. This might be seem obvious to people …

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Business Analyst Tip: If Only We Knew What We Know

There is a saying in German business: “If only Siemens knew what Siemens knows, it would be a rich company.” Siemens, of course, is an engineering and electronics powerhouse with plenty of brilliant engineers, each of whom has extensive knowledge that doesn’t always get applied to their projects, which means …

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There Are Worse Things Than Being Wrong

Much of what we do here at Seilevel is based around visual models that make software requirements easier to understand. That’s the purpose of a model, after all: to take complex things and make them simpler to use. That simplification comes at a cost, though – the more complexity you …

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