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Author Andre Pavlovic

Requirements Deliverables: Target Your Audience

At Seilevel, we consistently tout the invaluable benefit of using models in your requirements process.  In many cases, models are more than enough to communicate the intended functionality to all stakeholders.  This is especially true if you have been using models in your process for some time and stakeholders know …

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User Stories: Purist vs. Realist

Over the past decade, agile project management has taken the technology world by storm. Its benefits are far reaching throughout the organization. Upper management gets more predictability, product managers are able to pivot/adjust easily, and engineers take ownership in the process and do what they do best just to name …

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Refactoring Revisited: A Few Tips for Justification

My colleague, James Hulgan, recently posted his feelings on refactoring which drew some interesting comments from the blog-o-sphere. Having been exposed to many refactoring arguments throughout my career, I’ve decided to add my thoughts on refactoring and some examples of where I have seen it work and where it hasn’t. …

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