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Author Balaji Vijayan

Business Analysts – Come work for Seilevel!

One of the most common questions I get is “What do you do for a living?” I’ve developed countless one-liners and witticisms to help explain what it is I do. Today I want to talk about something a little different. Seilevel is a growing company and we’re looking for people …

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Business Analysts and Product Managers as Leaders

With the growth in Business Analyst (BA) and Product Management (PdM) roles in today’s economy – US Department of Labor findings show 22% growth projected for BAs alone – it is becoming increasingly common for people to see these titles as a part of a greater career path. Further, whereas …

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What is a Business Analyst? (We know, but do they?)

At a recent networking event, it occurred to me that the majority of the population is unaware of our existence as Business Analysts, Business Architects, and Product Managers. I found myself time and time again explaining what it is I did for a living. Contrast that with folks who work …

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Successfully Navigating Business Analyst Lead Transitions

How do you successfully navigate something like three separate business analyst lead changes in four months, where the team lead knows vital information about the team’s role in the larger project? By being prepared for change, and using the following process to make for smoother transitions. When the lead of …

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Selecting Models (not of the “super” variety)

Here at Seilevel we stress the importance of modeling (no, not super-modeling) and creating visual requirements – it is much easier for business and development users to review and utilize models compared to pages of ‘system shall’ requirements. With that in mind business analysts do not always know what models to …

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Business Objectives, KPIs and Legacy Conversions

Today most business analysts are familiar with the notion of mapping features and requirements to business objectives to discern what will provide the business with the most value. This approach is extremely valuable as it provides evidence to management of what parts of the system are providing what kind of return …

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