Author Balaji Vijayan

Training Business Analysts on the Fly

In most of the projects you encounter, there is at least one person who has experience as a business analyst.  This person can be counted on to help derive the requirements and ensure that the features the business requires are built.  The problem arises when there is a larger body …

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Finding Traceability

Finding Traceability (harder than ammunition!) One of the greatest challenges we face as Business Analysts is finding out if something has been left out, whether it’s a requirement, feature or business objective. (hopefully not the last one)  A common method for validating this is to do a traceability check.  You …

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How a Business Analyst Conquers Jargon

Argot, colloquialism, lexicon, palaver, rigmarole, vernacular.  What do all these words have in common?  They are specialized language about… specialized language. Today, everyone’s workplace has smatterings of acronyms, initialisms and other terms that you and I as outsiders would have no idea about.  When I first came to Seilevel and …

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