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Collaboration between product managers and engineers

Product vs. Engineering

“I’m working, so why don’t you go do whatever a product manager does” – Cameron, Halt and Catch Fire I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this show on Netflix, and when that zinger was thrown by the hotshot software engineer, I turned to my husband and started cracking up. “Well, what is …

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The Value of Visual Models

One of my favorite TV shows to watch is HGTV’s Property Brothers. The series features twin brothers, Jonathan and Drew, who show homebuyers how to buy fixer-uppers and renovate them to create their dream home. Why is this show so fascinating to me? In every 60-minute episode, I get to …

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Agile User Stories – A Promise for a Conversation

One thing I like most about being a Product Owner is that I get to engage with many different types of people on a day-to-day basis. As a Product Owner who is part of a Scrum team, I especially enjoy building relationships with the rest of my team members. As …

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Skipping Sprint 0 – The Consequences of Sprinting Without a Backlog

A common misconception about Agile Product Development is around “just-in-time” planning. It’s important to not have all of your requirements for the next six months fully defined (because even the smallest changes will definitely require rework), but it’s equally as important for a Product Owner to be working 1-2 sprints …

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Five Steps for Typo-Free Requirements

Have you ever clicked the submit button on a project and immediately afterward noticed a glaring, stomach-dropping, panic-inducing typo in your work? The consequences of delivering sloppy work can be dire, especially in the world of requirements where attention to detail is so important! If your stakeholders find errors, the …

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Setting boundaries in Agile Requirements Management

I was once part of a team at a consumer-facing technology company, who described themselves as incredibly fast-paced, operating within a rapidly changing environment. This team was smaller (4 developers in a 10-person business unit), so I expected the ability to get things done quickly to be one of our strengths. Upon joining, …

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