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Taking Out the Trash: Waste Management Sues SAP

Many of you may have already heard about this one – Waste Management is suing SAP over a recent implementation that went sour. The lawsuit is for $100 million, and if you want to read the whole complaint, you can find it here. It looks like there are a few …

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Why Should You Use Requirements Models?

Why should you use requirement models? Isn’t it faster to just start listing the functional requirements? In this post I’ll explain why you shouldn’t do that – and why requirement models are so powerful. Provide ContextYou cannot pick up a list of 500 system shall statements and quickly get a …

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Don’t Forget About the Testers

“Karl – how’s testing going on Project Zeta?”“Not too good, Michael. I can’t figure out which features have been implemented, it looks like several key requirements have changed but I don’t know what the new details are, and I have a whole slew of untestable requirements.”“Some of those ‘the system …

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Best Practices with Use Cases

This may be a lot of review for seasoned use case writers, but for those of you who are not as familiar with this requirements model, here are some best practices to consider. I assume you already know what a use case is, why you would want to use them, …

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Practical Tips for Conducting Requirements Audits

In a previous post I discussed the value of conducting requirements audits. I’d like to give some (hopefully) practical experience on how to conduct audits. Define Standards/Guidelines If your organization doesn’t already have standards for what makes a good requirements artifact, then you need to start here first. This doesn’t …

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The Value of Audits

If the word audit invokes fears of a dark room in front of an IRS auditor, then you’re in luck – that’s not what I’m going to discuss in this post. Instead I’m going to cover requirements audits and why you should do them. In fact, I’ll cover three major …

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After the SRS

You’ve just finished a two-month, 150+ page SRS, gone through the validation process, and have sign-off from everyone. Congratulations! Time to kick back, relax, and watch the other teams build the product, right? Well, not exactly. As Product Managers, we still have a responsibility to help ensure that the product …

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The Value of Peer Reviews

You’re near the end of a long requirements phase, you’ve been working 60+ hours a week, and the project manager is pressuring you to deliver a final deliverable. So you do a quick spell check and proof read, and then toss it over for final review to business, development, test, …

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Risk Management for Product Managers – Part Two

In my last post I gave an overview of risk and a risk management approach. In this post, I’ll discuss five common risks from a requirements perspective. Perhaps one of the largest risks that we consistently see on projects is around business objectives – either not developing them or a …

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Risk Management for Product Managers – Part One

You’ve probably heard about risk management before. It’s that thing the project team or project manager goes through at the beginning of the project and then forgets about, right? Well, hopefully not. Good risk management is something that needs to happen throughout the entire project lifecycle. Product Managers are in …

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