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How Communication Styles Affect Requirements Sign-Off

I’ve recently had some troubles getting all team members to provide approval for a requirements document. I know the reluctance is a sense of not knowing what the requirements contain. I thought maybe if I could tailor how I disseminated the information to different communication styles, I could receive feedback …

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One Owner

On every project in the software world there are numerous owners responsible for the success of the project and whether the business objectives are met at the end. Some companies has some embraced the idea of group ownership that they forgotten the value of accountability and hierarchy and, as a …

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What, Not How – Beyond Requirements

As Requirements Engineers we all know the importance of requirements that specify what instead of how. We’ve read books about it, we’ve studied the difference. We’ve argued about it on the message board. However, we’ve always done this with respect to the requirements specifications themselves. What about the process we …

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Managing Personal Scope

The nature of our work contributes to long hours and a hectic pace on projects. Our culture promotes work/life balance and “normal” work week hours. How does a company resolve these seemingly contradictory objectives? We manage what I like to call “personal scope”. Personal scope comes in two formats: I …

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