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Author Chris Uglietta

Zwift: A case study in product management.

It’s only 6AM on a Wednesday, but I’ve already gotten my butt kicked by over a hundred cyclists from around the world. We rode through the rolling hills outside London and sprinted to the finish line under Big Ben’s shadow. Most of us rode “unattached,” others as a team and …

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Let’s Have a Difficult Conversation

No one wants to have a conversation that is going to be uncomfortable, potentially make himself seem difficult to work with, or put pressure on either party in the conversation, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Or is it? I have been witness to several projects lately that grossly underestimated the …

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What is a good product manager?

Before re-focusing my career from product management at a venture-backed startup to product management consulting, I lacked a real appreciation for the true breadth, that is (what I now consider) the heart, of product management. I assumed that product management roles are only relevant and impactful at product-driven companies, where …

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