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Author Christine Wollmuth

How Do You Approach an Analytics Project?

Business Analytics projects – where do you begin? In a previous post, Joy mentioned using decisions to prioritize requirements for business analytics projects. Beginning your project by identifying these decisions, uncovering business problems and mapping both to business objectives and the product concept will allow you to build out documentation. …

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Productive Strategies – Make Downtime Count!

We all rely on the internet in some form on a regular basis – whether it’s to search for the nearest Tex-Mex restaurant or access your company’s SharePoint site. As an IT product manager, the internet’s role is an integral part of your average work week. Collaborating with colleagues, emailing …

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Risky Business

When you hear the terms “risky” and “invites failure,” do you imagine a successful project methodology? The debate between waterfall and agile methodologies can be found in any analysts’ meeting of the minds. The linear approach of waterfall methodology runs the project in one large cycle. Agile methodology takes the …

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Positions vs. Interests

Many business analysts learn on the job- it is difficult to enter the field having already mastered the entire skill set. I have learned that being “coachable” is just as important as learning how to be the “coach” for a customer. During a recent training session at Seilevel, we focused …

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Making Your SME Smile

The first elicitation session on a new project, in unchartered territory with a new Subject Matter Expert (SME), can be challenging. You must ask questions and facilitate conversation to chip away at the business problem.  Seven weeks ago, I began a series of “elicitation sessions” in a brand new topic- …

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