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The Actor Factor

Certain methodologies suggest that you identify system Actors early on in the process of defining your problem and solution. I think this is a great idea, and this is why. Identifying the Actors early on in you process helps define the boundaries of the business context. By knowing the ‘Who’ …

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Project Vision Workshop

1. Identify the Problem(Common techniques used to find the problems behind the problem are brainstorming, fishbone diagrams and Pareto diagrams.) 1. Ask the group: What are the problems (aka business opportunities)?2. Write down each problem and see if everyone agrees.3. Then ask the group again: What is the problem, really?4. …

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Requirements Management Task List

Found this oldie but goodie in a file named – Requirements Management Task List. While not exactly what I would put together today, it still holds a lot of value for what it asserts (and doesn’t). Enjoy. Requirements Management Task List 1. Agree on a common vocabulary for the project. …

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The Glossary–Project Litmus

The Project Glossary defines terms/acronyms relevant to the project. You all probably know that. What may be news to some of you is that it singlehandedly provides a valuable and telling insight into the overall health of your project. Here’s how. Our project roles are primarily about communicating and ensuring …

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Models. And Cake!

The other day I overheard someone say that all they needed to write code was the list of functional requirements–that they didn’t need the accompanying use case (that we were producing as part of our reqs methodology for the project). Well, here’s a list of requirements (ingredients): sugar, flour, salt, …

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A Strawman Workflow for Requirements Change Management

A Strawman Workflow for Requirements Change Management One of things we are asked to do on almost every project is provide guidance on defining the workflow for managing the changes that inevitably occur to the requirements that the team has worked so hard to capture and document. After doing this …

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The Importance of Requirements

The title of this post isn’t what it appears. This isn’t going to be a post about how managing requirements is a non-negotiable element of successful software development projects. Although, I am of the mind that there is still plenty of writing, talking and doing to be done around that …

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Requirements Review: Team Effort – Early and Often

How often should I be reviewing my requirements with members of my project team? By requirements I mean everything from high-level business needs (e.g. stakeholder requests, business requirements, vision and problem statements) to the most granular requirements (aka shall statements, functional and supplementary requirements and the like). My answer (with …

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