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Author Geraldine Mongold

The Leadership Gap

I have a story to tell about leadership. Actually, it’s about the lack of leadership, and how that percolates through an entire organization. It was my first official project management gig. I worked within the IT organization of a large company. First by chance and then by preference, I became …

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The Agile Enterprise Architect

On your projects, are you working directly with an enterprise architect? Do you receive documentation from an enterprise architect (EA)? Is the enterprise architect a bottleneck for your project design and estimating activities? Are you, like me, more than a little confused about the role of the enterprise architect? A …

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How Politics Made Me a Better Consultant

In the “not Seilevel” part of my life, I help run a Texas grassroots political organization. I’ve been a member of the administrator group for several years. In addition to all our offline activities (meet the candidate events, volunteer events, volunteer training, get-out-the-vote activities, and charity drives) we run an …

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Do This One Little Thing

“Admit it. You aren’t like them. You’re not even close… But it seems that the more you try to fit in, the more you feel like an outsider, watching the “normal people” as they go about their automatic existences. For every time you say club passwords like “Have a nice …

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How to be a better ally

Recently, I attended a happy hour with a team of software developers I’d been working with. I looked around the table and realized that I was the only woman in attendance. It startled me because it was unusual, but it led me to consider the slow changes I’ve witnessed to …

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I love decision tables!

I’ve been working on a financial services project that has a LOT of complex business rules that are changing to meet regulatory compliance as well as business needs. Over the past couple of months I’ve made a few system flows, but I’ve discovered that the decision table is my best …

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Happy people, happy code

I have a friend who, after years being that one guy who was fluent in Cobol and kept that ancient but really important legacy application running, got a new gig at a local Agile tech company. The last time we got together, I asked him how he liked the new …

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Org Charts Gone Wild

Of all the visual models that we use in our projects, organizational charts might be one of my least favorite. They can be tedious to elicit and build. Project teams don’t always see the value in them once you have created them. And in many organizations, it will become obsolete …

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Total Agile – Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about some of the problems I’ve observed in large enterprises converting to Agile. Now, let’s talk about some solutions to those problems. I’ve been reading around the internet about scaling Agile to enterprises, and there are a lot of passionate and one-sided arguments about the …

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