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Six Ways To Be An Agile Adolescent

Do you get along with everybody? Are you universally loved in your office? Then you are a failure. There are those that are born great and those that are told they are great guys. Especially working in an Agile environment, the requirements stakeholder has to be… well… A screaming, pouting …

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Are UI Requirements Software Requirements?

User Interface design is often assigned responsibility for look-and-feel. While I understand the importance of UI design, I am highly dissatisfied by its reliance on “heuristics” and, frankly, the uneven quality of those who profess expertise in the subject. I submit that UI needs a haircut — that we should …

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What Color Is Your Unicorn?

[SPOILER WARNING – Seilevel asks that any Lisa Frank fans please not read this article] A: Unicorns don’t exist. This is a commonly known fact in most circles, but not in the requirements game. There is a strong tendency for a lot of people to spend a lot of time …

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The Trace Race

In the early days of the Internet, my then-CEO had no problems selling a complete copy of our proprietary database in lieu of the normal subscription fee. When I asked him why he was willing to do so, he smiled and said “It will be worthless in a year. There’s …

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Too Briggs for Your Breeches? Personality Type and Requirements.

Is there a “type” that is more suited to requirements elicitation and documentation? A survey of our experience identified four useful personality roles that have direct application to the requirements gathering process: Openers, Closers, Handlers, and Hunters. Jung at HeartPersonality typing rubrics seems to be a surprisingly touchy subject for …

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