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Everyone is talking about it

I am encouraged by the the growing conversation about good requirements. For example, a recent issue of Manufacturing Business Technology had a good discussion about how quality requirements are necessary to save time and money in Best-in-class report proves out commonsense guide: minimize change (registration required). Quoting Doug Putnam, Change …

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Documented Requirements ARE Necessary

It all started with the recent CIO article Fixing the Requirements Mess. A comment by Christopher Creel (halfway down the page) was then put on the Requirements Defined Message Board. After reading Mr. Creel’s comments, and the other postings, I think people are missing the main problem with his argument. …

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Everybody’s Favorite Topic, Software Requirements

Don’t blame me if the title of this seems a bit sarcastic; it’s the opening line Karl Weigers gives for his webinar, Software Requirements: 10 Traps to Avoid. Personally, I enjoyed the webinar. I thought his introduction, covering the hierarchy of software requriements (scope–use cases–functional requirements) was a good introduction …

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