Author James Hulgan

Diagrams 2008 Day 3 Highlights: (Useful) Eye Candy

In a word: Awesome. There really is no other way to describe today’s Keynote Presentation by W. Bradford Paley (link). Paley has done a ton of work in Graphical Design and implementation which has touched many industries—from revolutionizing the ways in which Wall Street traders to their job, to creating …

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Diagrams 2008 Conference

No Reservations: Diagrams 2008 Ok, so I actually did have reservations for this trip, although just barely. Try booking a hotel during the week of and before Oktoberfest near the capital of the annual Dionysian festival. I’m just a fan of Anthony Bourdain, and am shamelessly using the title of …

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Do non-requirements exist? If so, where do they belong?

Every release cycle, after dev scopes the functional requirements against the release schedule, certain requirements fall out of scope for the release. These requirements are postponed until a future release, or potentially indefinitely. Part of the job of the product manager is to track what is implemented in a given …

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