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Author John Jertson

What Business Analysts can learn from Bar Rescue?

Have you ever watched the Spike network hit TV show Bar Rescue? In the show, the host John Taffer goes to underperforming bars and turns them around. Each episode shows a struggling bar being transformed by a common remodeling trend: new bar design, new menus, new drinks, new name, etc. …

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Process Flow Muddled with Mint and Served on Ice

A Process Flow is a series of steps and decisions that describes a business process that is executed by a person.  At Seilevel, our business analysts create Process Flows to show how the user navigates through the product we are creating. Simply, a Process Flow is a model showing the …

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How to Win an Argument with your Girlfriend

As an RA, I have to solve problems by searching through background documents and listening to stakeholders. Every day I am in charge of creating models that help create a successful project. One of the models that we use at Seilevel is the Business Objectives Model, to understand what our …

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