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How To Choose A Software Requirements Model

Do you find that you’re always trying to use process flows on your projects, but they just don’t seem to fit your needs? Do you need to start modeling requirements, but can’t quite decide what models to use? There are quite a few requirements models out there to choose from, …

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Controlling Changing Software Requirements

The CCB (Change Control Board). It is their responsibility to oversee and approve any proposed changes to your software project. They’re officially in charge of moving the cheese around – or approving completely new cheese. Once they get to work, your nice, safe plate of Pepper Jack could morph overnight …

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I Hate to Wait

Ruby-throated and black-chinned hummingbirds have been gone from the U.S. since last October. It’s now Springtime, and I’m waiting for them to migrate back from their 6-month vacation in Mexico and parts of South America. The waiting is killing me! I hate to wait. But, there are things that I …

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