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Using tags in team workflows

Tagging Software Defects for Root Cause Analysis

I really, REALLY like using tags, indiscriminately of the tool we are using on a project (Rally, TFS, Jira, etc.) or the work product type (user stories, features, epics, etc.). But for today, I’ll focus on tags for bugs. Recently, I was working with a great team and gently pushing …

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Digitization and Our Future

Digitization has been a huge buzz word this year. I’ve heard some people equate it to another Industrial Revolution: the Digital Industrial Revolution. What is digitization? What does that mean? What is the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything? How will I be impacted? These are all great …

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Product Camp LA 2016 – July 16th @ Hulu

Product Camp LA will be held at the Hulu offices in Santa Monica on Saturday, July 16th from 8am to 5pm. Food will be provided! More details can be found on the PMA.LA website as they are released, here.   The keynote this year is Marty Cagan, whose bio can …

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Multitasking: Don’t do it

We, as people, are constantly evolving. We are in a constant state of change, but whether that change is to move forward or backward, or will become a hindrance or will further our evolution is questionable. We see this in history: after the boom and subsequent decline of the Roman …

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Role of the Product Owner in Agile Methodologies

As we see more and more companies abandon the waterfall methodology, as it has resulted in pitting business and technology counterparts against each other, we see ways in which companies are trying to fill the roles in an agile methodology. Typically I’ve seen Product Managers or BAs get thrown into …

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Advantages of using a requirements management tool

I’ve been coaching teams within the requirements space for the better part of the year now. Teams typically use many differing ways to manage requirements. Some teams use email, Excel, and Box. Other teams simply meet all the time to write everything down in Word, or are always within an …

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How to start Agile coming from Waterfall

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I have been coaching teams for the better part of the year now. The vast majority of these teams are trying out a type of agile methodology, coming from a waterfall SDLC. Below are a few pointers to help those out who are embarking …

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Effecting Change in a Large Company

At this point in my career, I’ve been on a few projects that seem to have a large change management component. It took some time to realize the weight and gravity of the change management component and to really take it seriously enough to devote a significant part of a …

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