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Author Kevin Brennan

Why You Need a Project Portfolio

The goal of business case development–and it’s a very reasonable one–is to move away from having decisions about which projects to run based on the whims or argumentativeness of individual executives and towards a more objective decision-making process. The problem is that many organizations make the mistake of treating all …

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When Agile Transformations Fail

For all the excitement we see around the adoption of agile methodologies, and the positive effect it can have on product delivery, there are some reports which show that companies are struggling with agile. In 2012, Voke conducted a survey of over 200 companies and found that 64% found their …

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Tripping Up On Mindset

For many people, one of the biggest challenges in transitioning to agile from a more traditional waterfall or iterative approach is learning to think differently about how work is done. In a traditional project environment, you aim to produce a defined set of business outcomes by creating a set of …

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Getting Requirements from Business Processes

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the most effective methods for identifying and eliciting requirements is to walk stakeholders through the current state of their business processes, or to work through their current documentation. What I almost always find is that the documentation contains holes, and that no …

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From Requirements Management to Business Value

I’ve been involved in business analysis for almost twenty years—working as a consultant at a number of different IT firms in Toronto, and then as a member of IIBA’s executive leadership—and I think we’re now in a period of transformation for the business analysis and product management community. Back when …

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