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Providing Business Analyst Team Reviews

It has been challenging to go from a role where I was producing the Business Analyst work deliverables, to being the person who reviews and manages other Business Analysts producing the work deliverables.   It would have helped me a great deal to have a few tips that I could refer …

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Reduce Context Switching

In any given day, I find that I can be pulled in a lot of different directions to work on a number of pressing deliverables all with short deadlines.  I would imagine that’s true of just about every person’s job, but especially a Product Manager.  I’ve found that if I …

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How to Influence the Decision Makers

Individuals in our profession (i.e. Product Managers, Business Analysts, Analysts, or Consultants) have the final authority to make the critical decisions that can impact our projects.  That’s why it is so important to learn how to use your skills to influence the decision makers and the people on your team. I have …

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Additional Ways to Prioritize Requirements

On our projects we are often asked to provide our requirements to the development teams with business prioritization.  I’ve been in meetings with my business stakeholders where we  have sat in front of a list of requirements and attempted to prioritize them one by one.  In my experience, this effort …

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Building Credibility With Your Team

As consultants and product managers, it is important that we quickly build and maintain credibility with our team so that we can work productively and effectively.   If you are unable to join the team dynamics, the work that we provide will be met with apathy or even outright hostility.  I’ve learned a few …

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How do you determine if you have a business rule?

On a recent client’s project, we were asked to help in the effort of creating a system to automate much of the current manual processes.  In order to capture the requirements this also meant that we were documenting the business rules that were currently being used.  When I started the project, …

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Communication Challenges on Projects

Recently I was working with a junior team member.  I realized when we were reviewing the task I had asked him to complete, that the  information he had needed to be most successful was the hardest information for me to communicate.  The information I had in my head was not …

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Creating Accurate Time Estimates

I recently joined a new project where I will be working as the person responsible for the developing and creating the requirements and documentation on a major development effort. As the person on the hook for a significant portion of work, I need to provide accurate time estimates for my …

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