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Author Martin Spears

apple representing visual thinking

The Value of Visuals

I had an interesting chat with one of my co-workers the other day and learned something new.  She visualizes in words.  The way she explained it to me was that when she hears the word “apple,” she sees words that describe an apple like “red” or “green” and “round.” This …

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I’m sure they have that DOCUMENTED…right?

In the world of software development, especially the Agile part of it, it is easy to live in the now and the current development effort.  The Agile Manifesto values “Working software over comprehensive documentation.”  Some people interpret this to mean that they do not need to worry about documentation as …

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Bring your Playbook

Have you ever bought something that required assembly or a new gadget/software?  Did you read the assembly instructions or the user manual?  I have an engineering background, so every once in a while I will forego the manual and just try to figure it out.  When I have the time, this works …

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Measuring Value Add

In our last project review, the question was raised “Can you show the value you are adding to this project?”.  My immediate thought was, “Yes, I can put together a Cost Benefit Analysis!”, but it can be really difficult to itemize consulting contributions.  It is pretty straight forward to calculate …

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A Tale of Two Consultings

Before I joined Seilevel and became a Requirements/Software Development Consultant, I worked as an Engineering Consultant for an oil field services company that specialized in heavy lift systems.  Of course there are a lot of similar functions as expected, but I have noticed some differences.  The main difference that I want …

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