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Requirements Gathering Using Strawman Models

Introduction to Strawman Models New projects often exist in a realm of ambiguity. Even if there is extensive documentation, while it helps, it is hard to be certain that we, as business analysts, have all of the right information to start working towards deriving requirements. While getting ramped up on …

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The Smart (Business Analyst) BA-BY

As a business analyst, you should think like a baby. Sure, I know this does sound ridiculous, but there really is a ton of value of thinking like a baby. Generally speaking, babies love to ask the 5W’s and the H (I secretly wish that there was some sort of …

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Facilitation Tips

Facilitation is generally understood to be the bread and butter for a Business Analyst looking to elicit requirements from different stakeholders. Here are some quick pointers on the benefits and uses for this method of requirements elicitation. One-on-One Facilitated Sessions: These meetings with key stakeholders can be extremely vital in …

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Well, isn’t this puzzling?

I like to think of the projects that we work on as puzzles. Often times, project information is jumbled up and scattered around just like a new puzzle out of the box. You have (though often times you might not) all of the information you need, but none of it …

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Communication Is Crucial

In the 1970’s, a car company marketed their new hot vehicle, called the Nova, in Spanish speaking countries. Widely successful in other regions, the Nova was expected to do equally as well. Unfortunately, sales tanked and the Nova became a disaster. Why didn’t anyone from Spanish speaking countries jump at …

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