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Author Robin Peters

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Boosting Team Confidence and Morale

Building a great product is not just about having complete requirements or talented resources. Sometimes you can have both of these things, but the team still fails due to low confidence and morale. Boosting confidence can be challenging for teams. Especially teams that are going through transitions. Here are three …

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Meeting Madness

One of the toughest challenges is balancing meeting and workload.  We all tend to have too many meetings, sometimes multiple meetings at the same time.  We also have the challenge of scheduling meetings for our elicitation sessions with multiple people.  It is usually difficult to get a timeslot that everyone …

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Using Opportunity Assessments, Business Objective Models, and Objective Chains to understand value and prioritize features

A few years ago, I started using a technique called Opportunity Assessments as a lightweight way to assess product and feature ideas.  Opportunity Assessments contain the business problem/value, target market, opportunity size, market options/competition, timing/window, go-to-market strategy, success metrics, success factors, risks/assumptions, and recommendations. In order to do an Opportunity …

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Coaching and Mentoring Tips

One of the hardest things to do, in my opinion, is to coach and mentor others.  In order to effectively coach and mentor, the other person needs to want to learn from you and you need to be able to understand their learning style.  Here are some tips and techniques …

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Use Cases in an Agile World

When I first started to learn about Agile and Scrum, I learned about the User Story and I immediately asked, “Is a User Story the same thing as a Use Case?” I was told that it was not but the people I was talking to could not really tell me …

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Going from Agile back to Waterfall

I have heard from numerous people say that once you are on an Agile project, you never want to go back to Waterfall.  I have done just that.  And it is hard but it is doable and enjoyable with the right attitude.  A lot of what you do in Agile …

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