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Do You really Believe in What you Do?

I have a question for all of you BA/ RE/PDM people in the world. Do you really believe in what you do for a living, or is it just a job? My wife needs a new mode of transportation. Her current ride is 12 years old, has more than 240K …

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Why Do We Model Software Requirements?

The other day, I was flying to California to visit my customer. On the plane, I was seated next to a gentleman who worked for a small engineering firm in the Silicon Valley. We quickly struck up a conversation about work and when I began to explain what I do), …

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Is Your Halo Blocking Your (Requirements) Vision?

There is a correlation between projects that meet documented needs (but not the business needs) and the ‘Halo Effect’. The Halo Effect, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, is “an effect whereby the perception of positive qualities in one thing or part gives rise to the perception of similar …

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