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Author Will Elliott

Tool Study: Looking at Feature Categories

If you frequent the blog, you have probably heard that we at Seilevel recently published a tool study. The second phase of this tool study aimed to evaluate 22 requirements management tools against 207 criteria, which were derived from 8 categories. The breakdown of criteria is as follows: Category Number …

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Guess the Movie Line…Product Management Version

Recently, we have been redesigning our requirements blog here at Seilevel. Part of this effort was to write bio’s about ourselves and what we like to write about. There are a few fun things in the bio’s as well, like answering a couple questions about ourselves. One question was “what …

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Turning the Knobs

Here is a fun philosophy problem:   A trolley is out of control and heading down the track. Down the track, you see five people who are unaware that the trolley is coming and will certainly die if you do nothing. You are next to a switch on an overpass …

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Beating the Kobayashi Maru

In an earlier post, I described a recent project that I was on as being similar to the Kobayashi Maru; a fictional test in the Star Trek universe. The test is programed to be a no-win situation, designed to test the character of a captain in the face of certain …

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Taking the Kobayashi Maru

Have you ever been on a project that seemed impossible? Have you ever felt that the outcome of a project, no matter what you did, would result in failure?   I found myself thinking like this a few months back. The project had completely unrealistic deadlines set by executives. The …

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Challenges of Being a Young Consultant

Being a consultant can sometimes be awkward. You get to a client site, and you are expected to work with brand new people who you may have never met. These people do not know your skill-set, they’ve never seen your work or heard your reasoning, and in some cases they …

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