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Behind the scences at our video shoot: Requirements Visualization Training- A guide to RML

This week was our first video shoot in our video training series, Requirements Visualization Training- A guide to RML.

This is a training series that we have presented to clients as well as the public.

We have created a series of videos that explain parts of our requirements modeling methodology.

During this training series we will help you to determine which features create the most value for your business. Then we make sure that those features and only those features that get built. By doing this we ensure you only spend money developing the features that will grow your business. Sometimes time is the most important issue. By focusing the development team on only the most valuable features we can bring projects in on time.

The Standish Group reports that 65% of features developed in software are never or rarely used. We help you make sure you are building the 35% that are used.

We will release the first couple videos in the next few weeks, the videos will be released through our blog and through the main Seilevel site.

Later this year, we will release other training videos for Requirements 101 Training, Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation Training.

If you are interested in any of our full training packages please let us know.

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