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Business Analysts – Come work for Seilevel!

One of the most common questions I get is “What do you do for a living?” I’ve developed countless one-liners and witticisms to help explain what it is I do. Today I want to talk about something a little different. Seilevel is a growing company and we’re looking for people to join us in a variety of roles – I want you to think about applying for a position at Seilevel.

Why work for Seilevel? People have asked me many times about working at Seilevel and whether I would recommend it to others. Unequivocally I can say Seilevel is a great company to work for. The organization offers amazing coworkers who are not only great to work with but also friendly outside of the workplace. I’m a huge proponent of workplaces where your coworkers have the opportunity to be more than just someone who shares the same employer and can actually be your friend. In addition the company culture is absolutely fantastic – this is not a workplace where you will see rigid hierarchies and an enforced top-down obedience command structure. Instead the company gives everyone the opportunity to be proactive and help resolve problems that are affecting the company. Lastly Seilevel is a place where you will get the chance to learn about multiple different industries. Working as a consultant you will be exposed to different business models and will also learn about how differing organizations run their software projects through the software development life cycle. Even if Seilevel isn’t your long term destination on your career roadmap, you will learn many skills that will serve you throughout your professional development.

If these things interest you and you already have pre-existing business analysis or software development skills we REALLY want to hire you. Shoot if those things interest you and you are a smart person we ALSO REALLY want to hire you. Think about applying! http://seilevel.com/who-we-are/careers-at-seilevel/positions/

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