Productive Strategies – Make Downtime Count!

We all rely on the internet in some form on a regular basis – whether it’s to search for the nearest Tex-Mex restaurant or access your company’s SharePoint site. As an IT product manager, the internet’s role is an integral part of your average work week. Collaborating with colleagues, emailing …

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A Dynamic Approach to the Office Workspace

Here at Seilevel, we have a unique approach to the traditional work-space seating arrangements maintained in an office. We feel this approach better facilitates collaboration and comfort in the business environment. In every work space, there are anywhere from one to four desks; each with a laptop docking station, associated …

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What Does Project Success Mean to You?

We have had a lot of discussions internally about “Measuring Project Success.”  At an extremely simplistic level, Seilevel defines success as having been achieved when all the business objectives identified for the project are met. Each business objective will have one or more success metric(s) defined for it. So, when …

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