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Sing along!

We LOVE the Holidays at Blue Fish + Seilevel! Remember when Joy rewrote a few holiday tunes in our language? Well this year, we got some of the team to carol along before the All Hands meeting. Scroll to the bottom to see our favorite ones! It just so happened …

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New Year’s Resolutions: The Agile Way

Statistics state that of those that make a New Year’s resolution, only about eight percent actually follow through and complete what they set out to accomplish. Some of the reasons they fail are due to extremely high expectations, unrealistic goals, the lack of a plan, or the drop in motivation. …

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Happy Agile Holidays!

Continuing my trend of mixing my personal and professional hobbies, I wanted to share some good holiday, agile cheer with you all with a few agile holiday songs. Please feel free to sing along! Rocking around the scrum backlog (to the tune of “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”) Rocking around …

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Agile vacation

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” – Winston Churchill This is one of the many awesome quotes by Winston Churchill, and one that is particularly useful to remember on software projects. Or family vacations. We just got back from a vacation, and we had our fair share of …

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Green Requirements!

Since I’m on a roll with my 2015 holiday posts – in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about making our requirements green. Ok not literally green in color, but the paper-free version “green”. I’m still constantly surprised how many companies are not using requirements management tools. Many business …

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Happy Agile Valentines Day!

Roses are red Violets are blue We’re going agile, How about you? It’s 6 weeks into the year and I know at least a handful of you are working for organizations who set a 2015 initiative to transform IT to agile practices. So how’s it going? Given we are 6 …

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Isn’t Santa really just a Product Manager?

I used to do some fun holiday jingles requirements-style. I fell out of habit with it a few years ago, but luckily they are timeless and can just be reused! That said, I was trying to get in the holiday spirit to try again this year, and I found myself …

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Your client is out to lunch but you’re not

There are some holidays your client may observe that you may not: MLK Day, Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, and maybe even Veteran’s Day. That’s almost a full week during the course of the year! What do you do during those days when you can’t schedule meetings and push on with …

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