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stop watch for swift software upgrade

Handle with Care: Software in Use

While standing in line at the bank, the delicate and complex nature of updating live code struck me. The bank’s computer system reloaded as the teller apologized for the inconvenience. In that moment, which would frustrate most people, I found intrigue. Despite the added wait time, I felt as though …

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What is a Business Analyst? (We know, but do they?)

At a recent networking event, it occurred to me that the majority of the population is unaware of our existence as Business Analysts, Business Architects, and Product Managers. I found myself time and time again explaining what it is I did for a living. Contrast that with folks who work …

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3 Reasons to Use State Models to Derive Software Requirements

When eliciting software requirements, there are a few major models that I primarily fall back on to help visualize the process, the system and the requirements: cross-functional process flows, use cases, system context diagrams and data-diagrams.   I have recently been using more models that I am less familiar with, such …

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Recognizing Patterns and doing something about it.

After I’ve solved the same problem half a dozen times, even I start to notice patterns. Pattern recognition is an important skill for people doing requirements. However, if you don’t have a way of acting on the pattern recognition, you aren’t helping yourself. I’ve begun to catalog the patterns that …

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Patterns for two-year-olds

I was out walking with my two-year-old son last week when we crossed the street next to a person on a motorcycle. From the running commentary in the stroller emerges “the man on the motorcycle is going to school.” Umm…..huh? “Hey bubba, how do you know the man is going …

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Yahoo releases “design” patterns

We have recently had a number of discussions on the messageboard about requirements patterns. The concept comes from the software design world which uses design patterns to save significant time when architecting software (See Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software ) The concept behind requirements patterns is similar with …

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