Product Management

How to Win an Argument with your Girlfriend

As an RA, I have to solve problems by searching through background documents and listening to stakeholders. Every day I am in charge of creating models that help create a successful project. One of the models that we use at Seilevel is the Business Objectives Model, to understand what our …

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Trolling for awesome new products

I spent the greater part of my evening trolling You’ve likely heard of it and maybe you’ve even donated funds to support a project. There were a couple projects which I found quite interesting, which I wanted to share. 1. Charge your iPhone as you walk, jog, and generally …

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Mind the Product 2013

We’re thinking of attending the 2013 Mind the Product conference in London this September.             Have any of our readers attended? Thoughts? Please give us some feedback in the comments section below. Thanks!

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