IT Product Managers and Business Analysts

Posts about the position of IT Product Manager and Business Analysts. Hiring, training and being one

The Most Important Thing

Last night I was interviewing a candidate and I asked him to tell me the value of a recent project for which he was the lead business analyst. He asked me what I meant and I clarified by asking him to tell me why was the project being done at …

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Who Wants to Write Requirements?

Recently, a colleague passed along a piece by Karl Wiegers. I have been meaning to do a deep dive into his website for a while now and So You Want to Be a Requirements Analyst seemed like a great place to start. I was not disappointed as Karl does an …

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Want to hire great Product Managers?

The best approach I have seen for evaluating almost any potential hire is to use an interview format that is based on a real world audition. I believe this is particularly true for a role like Product Manager where the hiring manager is faced with the overwhelming challenge of locating …

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