Value of Requirements

Articles about the value of requirements

Everybody’s Favorite Topic, Software Requirements

Don’t blame me if the title of this seems a bit sarcastic; it’s the opening line Karl Weigers gives for his webinar, Software Requirements: 10 Traps to Avoid. Personally, I enjoyed the webinar. I thought his introduction, covering the hierarchy of software requriements (scope–use cases–functional requirements) was a good introduction …

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A story about usability

Earlier this morning I was working on my first blog post. If I can ever find it again, the topic will be “the most important thing”. Unfortunately you will have to wait on that posting and instead read this, my second blog post, first. All of this probably sounds a …

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“Shall” we require?

Does anyone know the history of the shall statement in requirements? I hear people now and then complain about that word. I personaly don’t like it as it’s not a commonly used word in English. To that point, a client this week pointed out that when sending requirements off-shore to …

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