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Editor’s Choice: Gathering Requirements for Migration Projects (Part 2)

Another in the “Editor’s Choice” posts series — those blog posts which have been linked to by other sites, and which are perennial favorites for people clicking through. A classic example: “Gathering Requirements for Migration Projects Part 2,” originally linked to on Scott Sehlhorst’s blog. This second in a series on software requirements gathering for legacy migrations discusses in detail a common enterprise software project: the replacement of a legacy system, and duplicating functionality in the new system that exists in an old system.

Joy Beatty wrote, “On Tuesday I began an overview of the processes behind gathering requirements for a migration project and how these activities differ from a system with new functionality. I began by talking about scope, understanding business needs and working with end users. Although these activities have a lot in common with the approach for a new system, there are some key differences that were uncovered. Today, I am going to finish the discussion by drilling into a couple of additional areas that differ significantly – discovering the end-to-end functionality and working with IT. …”

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