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Cooking with Drago Part 1: Using RML Visual Models to make an Authentic Bulgarian Meal

Fellow Seilevel Blog visitor,

I know that you visit our website daily to learn about some of the amazing things we do here at Seilevel. Whether it’s to peruse our spectacular Tool Study that was published on CIO.com, find out what keeps our experts awake at night, or perhaps to download some of our templates, you came here because you know that we strive to exceed your expectations. And that’s why I have decided to dedicate this blog series to you.

Yes, that’s right.

Y – O –U.


You’re probably asking yourself, “Well how exactly do you plan on making this about ME?” And I will tell you, my dear reader. You see, I plan on conferring upon you the greatest gift that a Requirements Analyst can give another human being—a recipe!

But this is no ordinary recipe, dear friend, this is a recipe for…

An Authentic Bulgarian Meal!

Now, I know I may have caught many of you by surprise. Some of you may still be in shock. That’s probably because this is akin to winning the lottery—only the government doesn’t take half of your recipe. Nope. This is all for you to treasure and pass on to your children and grandchildren. But, before you start flooding my inbox with thank you cards, let’s take a look at what we will be making:


  • “Banitsa” (A phyllo dough pastry filled with feta cheese and eggs. So good it may as well have fallen from the heavens.)
  • “Kebapcheta” (The Bulgarian equivalent of a hot dog, only not manufactured on an assembly line somewhere in Minnesota.)
  • “Shopska Salata” (The most simple and delicious salad ever made. A Bulgarian phenomenon.)
  • “Tarator” (The only soup in the world that can be eaten on a hot, Texan summer and still make your teeth cold.)
  • “Liutenitza” (This is to Bulgarians what Ketchup is to Americans. Only better, of course.)
  • “Boza” (An ancient drink whose origins date back to the Babylonians. Sweet, filling, and slightly alcoholic. What could be better?)


Before we part ways, I have included a shopping list of all the ingredients we will be using in our Authentic Bulgarian Meal. To make it extra easy-to-read, I went ahead and put it in a feature tree format. Just another way we here at Seilevel like to exceed expectations.

Join me next time as I teach you how to make Banitsa using a Process Flow Model!

Bulgarian meal feature tree

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