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Foundational Business Analysis Training

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

It should come as no surprise that if you change your requirements after you deploy, it costs A LOT more.

Here’s a fun (read scary) fact: 65% of features stakeholders define for a product are rarely, if ever, used.  It does not have to be that way!

The Seilevel 3-day Foundational Business Analysis training course will give you the skills, tools and techniques you need as a BA so that you can work with your stakeholders to identify what is truly needed and then deliver a product that is actually valuable and yes…used!!!  

Here are the Top 10 things you will Learn:

1. The Requirements Process 

The requirements lifecycle

2. Techniques for scope management and requirements management

3. Best practices for writing detailed use cases and requirements

4. Using visual models to elicit, analyze, and document software requirements

5. How requirements models can be used to organize large amounts of complex information and identify missing and unnecessary requirements

6. Methods and approaches to elicit requirements from stakeholders and how to resolve conflicts encountered during the requirements process

7. Soft skills necessary to facilitate elicitation sessions with stakeholders, including preparing for sessions, managing the room, keeping stakeholders engaged, and listening well

8. Requirements within software methodologies

requirements within software methodologies

9. Roles in the requirements process

Roles in the Requirements Process

10. Scope Control 

Scope Control

What past attendees say:  

“Much of the training I’ve attended over the years has been what I like to characterize as ‘throw-away training’…in stark contrast, Seilevel’s courses were worth every second of my time (and every dollar of Dell’s money). I am certain that I will be able to immediately apply much of what I learned to significantly improve the quality of my work” – Attendee from Dell

“We actually found missing requirements by using the models taught by Seilevel, and missing steps in our flow too – we had hanging requirements that didn’t map back to process steps.” – Attendee from Starwood Hotels

“Best. Training. EVER. I have been through many, many trainings, certifications, degrees…none of them as informative as these 3 classes were, and real life applicable.” – Attendee from Lincoln Financial Group

We usually conduct private Business Analysis training for Fortune 500 companies but decided to open this class to the PUBLIC after receiving numerous requests.  As you can read in the testimonials provided by former students, our training is not boring or “throw-away”.  The concepts, tools and techniques we teach are communicated in a concise and easily digestible manner and our teaching approach is highly interactive and FUN, all of which will help you retain the lessons learned.  Moreover, we use real-world examples to convey learning material which helps you to better conceptualize how to apply techniques to your own projects.

You can get more details of the course and sign up here. I hope to see you there!

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