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How to Prepare for Software Requirements Sessions with Your Users – Tip 4

Our final suggestion on this topic is to Sit With Your Users.

If your users are extremely busy, and the project involves changes to or replacement of an existing solution, then turn the challenge into an advantage. Sit beside the users while they perform their job tasks.

Typically this is a good way to elicit requirements because users cannot always articulate their needs if they are used to completing tasks without thinking about them. This technique will require follow-up meetings with the users after, but then those meetings can be prepared for as above, with intelligent questions based on the observations, thereby shortening the time that users are away from their work.

Let’s recap, we’ve now offered the following suggestions to prepare for requirements sessions with users:

  1. Organize Your Time
  2. Prepare Your Requirements Models In Advance
  3. Prepare Your Elicitation Questions in Advance
  4. Sit With Your Users

There are many ways in which requirements analysts can intelligently prepare for requirements sessions with users. Typically a mix of the above suggestions will work well on any project. These tips will help the analyst and users get the most value out of the available time.

By the way, you can download all of these tips in a whitepaper that I’ve written. Enjoy!

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