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Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects

Are you attending Project World/ Business Analyst World in Vancouver? Don’t miss our presentation:

‘If You Build It, Will They Use It? Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects’

presented by Seilevel Inc’s Principal Analyst, Anthony Chen.


Business Objectives are the measurable results a business desires to achieve when executing a project. They can be used to ensure that everything developed in the project contributes to the desired measurable business value. This discussion will help Business Analysts learn to develop good business objectives, to derive requirements from them, and how to apply them to control project scope.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how Business Objectives are vital to businesses
  • Understand how to elicit and write good Business Objectives
  • Understand how to use Business Objectives to assess measurable

For more infomation check out the BA Vancouver website.


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