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SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Tips

We recently upgraded our SP2007 to SP2013. As all at Seilevel would call it, it was an experience. We use our SP as a document repository, holding project documentation for easy internal access. We found out information about our current installation of SharePoint and decided to go with a brand …

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Requirements Elicitation Technique – Observation

I read with interest the other day a blog that Geraldine Mongold wrote regarding the observation technique, and the value that it can provide.  It got me thinking about an experience I had many years ago, when I was in a Support role, and we were attempting to troubleshoot a bug that …

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How Do You Approach an Analytics Project?

Business Analytics projects – where do you begin? In a previous post, Joy mentioned using decisions to prioritize requirements for business analytics projects. Beginning your project by identifying these decisions, uncovering business problems and mapping both to business objectives and the product concept will allow you to build out documentation. …

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