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Requirements Tools: Sharepoint

Like many companies, Seilevel uses Microsoft Sharepoint to store and share our documents. We use Sharepoint as our “one source of truth” to make sure that we’re all working off the most recent versions of documents, to avoid having to reconcile changes later. This might be seem obvious to people …

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Leveraging Visual Models in an Agile World

Every discussion or training we have held at work lately keeps circling around to the same topic: Agile.  Aside from the debates over whether Agile methodology is better than Waterfall overall or in which situations one is superior to the other, analysts who have worked predominantly in a Waterfall world …

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Business Analyst Tip: If Only We Knew What We Know

There is a saying in German business: “If only Siemens knew what Siemens knows, it would be a rich company.” Siemens, of course, is an engineering and electronics powerhouse with plenty of brilliant engineers, each of whom has extensive knowledge that doesn’t always get applied to their projects, which means …

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