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Requirements Engineering Conference Is Just Around The Corner

The Requirements Engineering Conference is just around the corner.

Its being held in Sydney Australia September 27th- October 1st 2010.

If you are attending this conference don’t miss out on the  Requirements Engineering Education and Training Workshop that is taking place September 28th.

Do you want to broaden your skills? Learn new techniques?  This is the workshop for you.

This workshop will address issues related to Requirements Engineering education, both as part of a formal university degree and as ongoing skills training within the workplace. The workshop is intended to go much deeper than a surface discussion of curriculum issues and will examine specific ideas and techniques for teaching and assessing skills needed by an effective requirements engineer.

Curriculum design

  • Curriculum for undergraduate and graduate level RE studies
  • Mapping RE elements from the SWEBOK (Software Engineering Body Of Knowledge) to RE curricula
  • Identifying and incorporating specific RE related topics into the general curriculum and/or software engineering courses
  • Curriculum for industrial training programs

Techniques for teaching specific RE related skills

  • Creative methods for teaching stakeholder identification, requirements elicitation, negotiation and consensus building, requirements writing, and other critical RE skills
  • Specific tools, exercises, and assignments developed to support RE skills training

Assessment methods and practices of RE knowledge and skills

  • Which assessment method to use: exam, test, case study, essay, report, presentation, or something else?
  • Strategies for assessment of learning soft skills
  • What should students be able to do as a result of learning RE?
  • Methods of objectively measuring assessments

Effective pedagogical methods for teaching RE skills

  • Survey results related to topics such as the effectiveness of teaching methods, RE skills needed to be effective in industry, skill mismatches between graduating students and industry needs etc.
  • Studies into the effectiveness of requirements engineering educational practices
  • Experience reports including industrial training and university level curriculum

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