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Requirements Management Tools Research: Phase Two Whitepaper

Seilevel has completed phase 2 of the requirements tool research and has written a detailed PDF whitepaper to share the updates to our approach and the results from this phase of the research. The actual Excel document with results are linked here, but the paper explains how to interpret them.

Known Issue 10/28/11: If you have registered and are unable to download the resource you want or are taken back to the registration page without access to the document, please email lori.witzel {at} seilevel.com, let me know what document you are interested in, and I will send it to you ASAP.

The most interesting highlights in the paper are that we had to modify our tool score calculation because we realized we had not treated features equally – accidentally over-weighting or under-weighting features. Further, we did some analysis on the actual results, looking at the top tools in different categories of features – for example modeling features versus analysis features. In doing so, different tools trickle to the top.

Again we want to remind everyone that all of these tools are quite good. Since the scores here reflect Seilevel’s opinions on priorities, we encourage you to download and use the actual results spreadsheet yourself in your tool selection process.

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