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Scaling Agile for the Large Enterprise – with a podcast

As we begin 2019, we are looking back to a few years ago when I was interviewed by Cornelius Fichtner from The Project Management Podcast about Scaled Agile for The Enterprise. This is just as relevant today as it was then. Large enterprises continue to struggle to scale agile and we continue to fine tune our process to help them be successful.

Almost all large enterprises are making some transition to agile practices. There are many approaches to scale agile in the large enterprise, and we give an overview of 4 of the most common scaled approaches and their limitations (SAFe, DaD, Less, and Nexus). The more interesting part of the podcast starts about 10 minutes in where we cover the most common challenges our customers’ teams are facing when scaling agile and provides suggestions to overcome those challenges!

As a side note, I presented on this topic at PMI’s 2016 Global Congress in San Diego and Cornelius and I talked right after that. We had a lot of fun in the interview. His podcast has been named on of the top for Project Managers On the Go. Since he’s used to interviewing project managers,  I threw him for a loop at the end when pointing out business analysts are here to stay too.

Click here to listen in: Play Now

Now if you are really into Agile and interested to learn more about business analysis visual models and how they help you in making Agile successful, you can grab a quick cheat sheet here too!


Agile and Models Webinar

About The PM Podcast: Launched in 2005, The Project Management Podcast  is hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM who helps you with your PMP Training in his “real” job. The podcast wants to bring project management to beginners and experts and has done so by publishing hundreds of interviews with project managers from around the world. They are free on http://www.project-management podcast.com/free.



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