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Scrumism: “Go! Fight! Win!”

This Scrumism didn’t originate with me, but I’ve found myself using it on pretty much on every agile engagement I do.

One of my favorite Scrum Masters was a gentleman named Jared.  Jared was one of those folks that every team hopes to get. He wasn’t just a talented Scrum Master but a pretty darn good developer, UX thinker, and all-round energetic person, as well.  As a Product Owner (PO) working with Jared, I knew he would surface issues quickly, and he wasn’t afraid to confront me if he thought I wasn’t getting something into my thick skull.  He also knew that if I made a decision as PO and that I had the facts at my disposal, then that was the decision, and the team would do their best to implement without argument.

Jared liked to end stand-ups with “Go! Fight! Win!”  This turned out to be a nice way to signal that we were done, and everybody could take off and dive into the day’s work.  Sometimes I’ve observed Scrum teams doing a stand-up where the meeting just kind of tapers off and people glance at each other trying to figure out if the meeting was ended.  I picked up “Go! Fight! Win!” from Jared, and when I’m acting as Scrum Master, or I’m running a stand-up, I like to end with a bang.

The picture below is of a Product Owner with a customer that I had the pleasure of working with.  I gave them the “Go! Fight! Win!” sign to remind them of the great fun we had on their agile journey startup (and yeah, he really is that tall).


Does your team have a clear way of closing out stand-ups? Share in the comments below!

Thanks, Jared.

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  1. Duygu Sevinç December 16, 2019 at 8:58 am #

    come on! stand up!

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