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SeiHelp Haiti

We are hoping to reach out to Haiti with a little SeiHelp in the form of much needed clothing! We are collecting summer clothes and Rob will deliver them to a relative in Waco. She has arranged to deliver them to the Bahamas where she knows a lot of Haitians in her village who will in turn help get them to Haiti. We are collecting at our office through end of day Monday or can arrange another meet-up location!

Email rob.sparks or joy.beatty if you want to donate!

One Response to SeiHelp Haiti

  1. Rob Sparks January 20, 2010 at 12:59 am #

    Thanks for getting the word out Joy. The response from the Seilevel team has been overwhelming. I had planned on stuffing my trunk with donations but we ended up filling a cargo van.

    In a word, awesome. Great job folks!

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