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Agile Business Analysts

Defining Ready: A Checklist for Grooming

Grooming user stories and decomposing features is not always easy. The demands to fill a sprint backlog for an agile feature team in a large enterprise are already immense, and tight project deadlines only compound the issue. Outside stakeholders may not understand the effort it takes to prepare a single …

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Agile Troubleshooting: Interface Documentation

When an organization first switches to agile, the documentation and proper vetting of interfaces can often be a significant roadblock to successful delivery. In my own project, I have seen this borne out several times over. No more—I am seeking to properly detail data requirements in sufficient time. I have …

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Business Analyst Collaboration: A Nightmare Before Christmas?

You’re a business analyst with an almost infinite supply of ideas and feedback, struggling with the practical limitations of sharing your thoughts. If collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation, then you may as well be an “innovampire,” desperately seeking access to that collaborative lifeblood before sunrise. Are the written communication …

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Looking for a job? Join us at the UT Career Fair

We are hiring Business Analysts amd Product Managers. Are you graduating this year a looking for a career?  Want  a career as a Business Analyst or Product Manager? Start your career off as a Requirements Analyst and you will be there in a few short years. Check us out at …

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Join us at IIBA in Dallas Next Week

Betsy Stockdale will be presenting, ‘Requirements at the Speed of Thought’. Requirements in an agile world. Summary: In an agile world do we still need requirements? How do requirements change in a world of agile development methods? What skills and tools do business analysts need to thrive in this space? Dallas …

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