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Tool Tip : Use Trello to generate burndowns automatically

After spending too much time fighting with various burndown templates, I have found a very friendly work-around that produces working burndowns for just about any task set up on a Trello board. If you aren’t familiar, Trello is a information mgmt service that allows you to create boards  with items that …

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Going from Agile back to Waterfall

I have heard from numerous people say that once you are on an Agile project, you never want to go back to Waterfall.  I have done just that.  And it is hard but it is doable and enjoyable with the right attitude.  A lot of what you do in Agile …

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Let’s Have a Difficult Conversation

No one wants to have a conversation that is going to be uncomfortable, potentially make himself seem difficult to work with, or put pressure on either party in the conversation, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Or is it? I have been witness to several projects lately that grossly underestimated the …

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